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How to Sex Your Freshwater Aquarium Fish
A Quick Reference Guide to Identifying Males and Females
by Ruby Bayan

How to Sex Your Freshwater Aquarium FishWouldn't it be great if we could tell the difference between male and female fishes as easily as we could with our other pets? Well, Mother Nature decided to give us fish enthusiasts a challenge -- there are no universal distinguishing characteristics to readily separate male from female fishes, and there is no "typical" sex organ to quickly settle the issue, either.

The difficulty to sex fishes wouldn't be much of a concern if the presence of males and females in our aquariums were irrelevant to the overall success of our setups. Unfortunately, even in non-breeding habitats, the health and well being of a fish population depend largely on the presence (or absence), maturity, and number of male and female members.

This is where the "How to Sex Your Freshwater Aquarium Fish: A Quick Reference Guide to Identifying Males and Females" comes in. The tables presented in this 11-page Exclusive Report will help you spot the physical characteristics that distinguish the males from the females of more than 70 different freshwater fishes in nine fish categories.

Kissing GouramiNo more guessing, asking, or hours of research. Ruby Bayan has done the research for you. All the sexing information available is at your fingertips.

Impress your friends, significant others, and pet storeowners! Be an expert. Sex your fishes accurately!

To receive a FREE copy of this Exclusive Report, send an email to aquaria@oursimplejoys.com. Don't worry; I hate spam too.


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