Ruby Bayan is a freelance writer who likes to share her simple joys.
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~ Meet Our Fishkeepers ~

Ruby Bayan started her romance with tropical fish at an early age. She grew up in Asia, helping her parents care for several aquariums and outdoor ponds filled with swordtails, carps, and tilapias.

Water Lettuce

Her passion for aquarium fish expanded to breeding and caring for numerous exotic varieties when the family engaged in a tropical fish venture.

She also assembled aquarium tanks, raised live fish food, and maintained community set-ups in homes, schools, and business establishments. The family endeavor gave her the opportunity to take part in local exhibitions and conduct tutorials for fish hobbyists.

Ruby is now a freelance writer sharing her knowledge and skills on tropical fishkeeping and many other interests. At a previous incarnation of Suite101.com she was Managing Editor of the Food and Drink category and Contributing Editor of the Inspiration/Motivation column.

Her stock photography portfolio is exclusive with Dreamstime.com.

E-mail: aquaria@oursimplejoys.com

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Ronald Bayan is an artist. His medium ranges from paper to canvas to film to memory chips. He expresses his creativity through model airplanes, train sets, and underwater realms, when he's not fighting fires from the executive suite of one of the biggest banking chains in Asia.

His fascination for freshwater aquaria was kindled when he discovered that igniting a small firecracker inside an uninhabited 5-gallon tank not only creates an incredible swirl of bubbles but also somehow leads to a water leak. He was 8 and denied everything.

Ronald's outdoor pond Aquariums and tropical fishes have never ceased to amaze Ronald since then -- he has been immersed in the hobby, more careful not to spring another leak. Aside from maintaining a 100-gallon tank to serve as his indoor stress-reliever, he raises carps and goldfishes in an outdoor pond that he landscapes himself. An artist at heart, he then immortalizes the magnificence of these underwater kingdoms through his photography.

Ronald uses digital technology for all the images in OurSimpleJoys' Freshwater Aquaria pages.

E-mail: aquaria@oursimplejoys.com

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