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Be A Life Force

by Ruby Bayan - 11/17/01

You know what they say about how we remember the comments we hear about ourselves, especially when these remarks describe us as persons we never thought ourselves to be. We work on the negative comments and try to disprove them in order to improve ourselves; and the positive comments, we try to live up to them.

One positive comment I received way back, from a very good friend, was, "Ruby, you are a life force." He said he was somehow attracted to me, and he enjoyed being around me because my life force was strong. It reminded me of Darth Vader's words, "The force is strong with this one." So, I took it as a compliment, rather than one of the best come-on lines I've heard.

Frankly, I failed to grasp what he really meant, granting he was actually serious, until many years later when I started writing inspirational articles. As I matured and gained insight about, oh, a lot of things, I began to understand what a "life force" would ideally be and why it can be attractive, maybe even seductive.

  • A life force is creative. Life is a never-ending process of evolution and growth. Those who are imaginative and resourceful, and take part in creating and building, are taking an active and productive part in growth, progress, and the proliferation of life. A life force is energetic. Life is energy -- active, dynamic, and most of all, alive. The lively ones sing, dance, play, and stretch their imagination. The energetic ones get up and go.

  • A life force is passionate. They say that to be happy you simply need to have something to be enthusiastic about. Whether it's a hobby, a job, a goal, a loved one, or a worthy cause, having a reason to wake up in the morning is having a reason to live. Life is always passionate about something.

  • A life force is involved. Not only is life passionate, it's also committed. People who exude life express their passion. They are affected and concerned. They go out of their way, they explore and learn, and they apply what they learn.

  • A life force cares. Life feels. It touches, it gives, and it shares, because it cares. People who are alive reach out to others, to the world, and to the grand scheme of things. They are generous, benevolent, and kind. Life loves. Life loves life.
My friend may have known these all along -- and may have felt the "life force" in me at the time when I was just happy to be alive. Come to think of it, although I tried to live up to his compliment, I discovered that to be a life force, all you need to nourish -- in the core of your being -- is a true appreciation of the fact that you're alive.

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