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Mother And Son

by Ruby Bayan - 07/25/03

Mother and Son Incredible. This is my 100th article for's "Inspiration/Motivation" topic -- the column I launched in February 1999. I can't believe I've written inspirational pieces for the World Wide Web for almost four and a half years.

Among these 100 articles are stories about old and new friends, past and present colleagues, as well as acquaintances and total strangers. There are also words of wisdom and encouragement for parents, children, and teens, and people from all walks of life. According to an anonymous reader, some of the pieces I published managed to stop her from trying to end her life.

Readers of my column would imagine me to be always smiling, constantly upbeat, and ever ready with something joyful and affirmative. Most of the time I'd be close to being the epitome of the top-notch motivator and positive thinker; but sometimes I'd be as human as everyone else -- confused, sad, worried, lonely.

I, too, could use some encouragement, inspiration, and motivation. That's when my son Dante, my true pride and joy, comes in.

On this my 100th Inspiration/Motivation article, let me share one of the times when I found myself at the receiving end of a hand that I would usually extend.

Here's an entry I posted on a private online journal, followed by my son's reply:

I said...

When will it end?

"When it's finished!" says Charlton Heston in the Michaelangelo movie.

Today is another day. Another brazen attempt at tying loose ends, making ends meet, and putting some sense into this world of existence. When will it end?

Will we ever be able to tie *all* the loose ends, and make *all* the ends meet? Before something somewhere unravels again?

I think that's the curse of life -- as soon as you think you've "finished" something, another thing comes up totally disheveled, torn to little pieces, and begging for your time and effort. It doesn't end.

Another day, another struggle. Another victory, another loss. Another solution, another problem.

When will it end? It doesn't.

And my son replied...

Life isn't about tying up all the loose ends. I don't even think it's about loose ends at all anymore. It's just the journey. Things begin and end, and the only constant for as long as we are aware and active is that we live through it all.

Change is what life is about and ultimately what makes it worth living. Every challenge does seem like yet another stone in our packs, but each one is also another instance of triumph once we are past it. I would rather have the mood swings of distress and relief rather than a placid sense of the constant. It may be trying and outright miserable at times, but then I will always have purpose, if only to stubbornly refuse to be beaten.

You will persevere, and you will continue to surmount every challenge. You're not designed to just fold, and you're too strong to be disheartened by anything. It's a down time at the moment, and I know it's unpleasant. But you will get past it, the same way you told me I'd always get past everything that came my way. I've come this far, and I will go much farther, thanks to you. I have achieved what I have and I will continue to achieve in the future because of the example you set for me.

I've managed everything I've lived through, and you are obviously even better equipped to stay in the game than I am. Keep your chin up and stay strong -- whatever's happening now, it will pass, and you will remain to tell the tale.

[Read about Dante and his writings here.]


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