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Successful People Are Born And Made

by Ruby Bayan - 08/20/01

All motivational and inspirational speakers say the same things: set goals, work hard, persevere, and succeed. Itís a time-tested sure-win formula. But when you go into the details, different people following the exact same formula achieve different results. Why? One of the reasons is people are born with different tools to begin with.

We do need to define our objectives, to jot down our short, medium, and long-term goals. We need to visualize who we want to be and what we want to achieve. If possible, we should enumerate the steps we need to take to fulfill our dreams.

But we can't just grab random dreams and goals from thin air, because "where we come from" is one of the essential considerations in defining "where we want to go." In other words, a huge part of the success of every endeavor rests on what tools we already have when we first started out.

For example, would you dream of being the next Frank Sinatra if you couldn't carry a tune to save your life? It's not impossible, but the odds are heavily stacked against you. Pursuing a goal for which you do not have at least an adequate set of tools to begin with will have you climbing uphill most of the time. It can get frustrating and counterproductive, and eventually lead to failure.

This is why counselors also emphasize, "Set realistic goals." To assess what to you is realistic, you can start by considering what your inherent "assets" are. Here are some questions to jumpstart your self-assessment:

  • What comes naturally to you? Dancing? Singing? Painting? Cooking? Writing stories?

  • What physical traits were you born with that could put you at an advantage in one particular field of interest? Are you big and tall enough to excel in football? Do you have a flexibly funny face to succeed as a comedian? Are your fingers long enough to span an octave or two on the piano? Are you agile enough to be a champion swimmer, gymnast, or rock climber?

  • What do you have an eye or an ear for? Would your eye for beauty help you succeed in photography or interior design? Would your ear for music put you in a critic's chair in one of the leading music awards organizations? Would your flair for the morbid and bizarre put you in the company of Stephen King or Wes Craven?
Anyone can set any goal in the world. And anyone can work real hard to succeed at anything. But the ones most likely to derive the most satisfaction from their pursuits are those who recognize the talents, characteristics, and tendencies they were born with, and then harness these natural gifts to achieve success.

If you define your goals around your natural strengths, you will realize that not only will you enjoy the journey, but also because of the ease with which you are able to accomplish things, success will come to you every step of the way.

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