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What Goes Around Comes Around

by Ruby Bayan - 10/27/00

Abandoned We've heard it many times, on many different situations -- what goes around comes around -- whatever you sow you reap. It's the law of nature -- the circle of life.

In our youth, we don't get to truly appreciate what this concept is all about; but as we rack up the years and mature, we come to realize that there is genuine wisdom in the saying. Whatever we have "planted" along the way, we "harvest" as we tread through the path of life.

It's funny, though, how sometimes the consequences of our actions are instantaneous while in many cases it takes years to notice the effect. Nevertheless, the effect becomes obvious one time or other.

We all know that there are several aspects in our lives that we need to nurture: the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and financial. How we develop, enhance, and make use of these areas of our existence influence and shape our future well-being, relationships, careers, and stature.

For example, if we take care of our bodies, we remain healthy and active; if we feed our minds, we stay knowledgeable; if we take care of our family and friends, we build a strong foundation of love, reliance and community; if we are in touch with our divine entities, we live in the light of spiritual guidance; and if we are prudent with our financial resources, we maintain stability in our livelihood. If we neglect or fall short in any one of these aspects, we know that sometime along the way, we will suffer the consequences.

The same is true with how we treat the other people whose lives we touch. How does the Golden Rule go? "Do unto others what you would want them to do unto you." Add to that the sayings, "Kindness begets kindness" and "Give and you shall receive," and we have the formula that gives us the assurance that whatever we do to others can and will be done to us, sooner or later.

If this law of nature is indeed a phenomenon that cannot be defied, I'm staying on the safe side. I'll take care of my body, mind, heart and soul, as well as my pocket because I want them to function efficiently for me today and for many years to come.

I'll nurture my family, friends, partners and peers not only because I care for them but also because they may choose to care for me, too, and be there when I need them.

I'll smile and greet strangers, share a compliment or two, be considerate, and lend a hand not only because I'm happy to do so, but also because I would welcome the same kindhearted gestures myself.

I will share whatever joys, lessons, time and compassion I can muster and do it for the simple pleasure of being generous; but if and when what goes around, does come around, I know I will definitely welcome it, and be grateful, and be happier for it.


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