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A Luxurious Yet Inexpensive Date - It Can Happen
[Lifestyle & Fashion Community, former]

Fact Sheets

[Published at the now-defunct]

Guarding Your Financial Security

Protecting Your Social Security Number

Reducing Unwanted Telemarketing Calls

Maintaining Your Medical Privacy

Avoiding Identity Theft

Reducing Junk Mail

Protecting Your Credit


My being a writer, and at the same time new to the USA, made conditions ideal for a working relationship with an online venue for migrants,

At first, I wrote for the editor of the Housing and Travel Departments. He said he was thrilled to work with me because it takes him all of five minutes to review and edit my submissions.

I was then invited to be a member of the New2USA Advisory Board. Soon enough, I began writing for the editors of the Society and Culture and Health and Money Departments. All in all, I've written more than 30 features and how-tos for the site.

After went offline, I felt I needed to share the articles I wrote for them, not only to serve as samples of my writing, but also as a reference to folks who are new (or planning to migrate) to the US. All of my articles are now available. Enjoy.

Personal Experience

* Face-to-Face With an Immigration Officer
* We're Moving Out!
* Adjusting to a New Life in the USA
* American Football to an Asian Woman


* A Condominium or a Single-Family Home: What Kind of Dwelling is Right for You?
* Rent or Buy a Home?
* How To Rent an Apartment
* Pets in Your Apartment
* Don't Attract Burglars To Your Home

* Where To Buy Home Appliances
* Extended Warranty Option On Appliances

* Maintaining a Healthy Home
* Conserving Power During Summer

* Home Repair -- When to Call a Professional
* How To Fix A Leaky Faucet

* Preparing for a Storm
* Disaster Recovery - Who Do You Call?

* Moving? Know Your Options
* How To Rent a Self-Move Truck
* How To Pack for a Move
* Shipping Packages Abroad


* St. Augustine, Florida: A Blast From The Past
* Portland, Oregon: Where You Can See Forever

* Toll Roads And Highways
* If You Drink, Don't Drive
* Traffic Violations

* How To Change A Flat Tire
* How To Change Motor Oil

* Oh! The Luggage!


* Let's Go Shopping!
* Finding Friends From Your Home Country
* Scrapbooking: Photo-Journaling Your First Years in the USA
* Dancing Lessons -- A Bonding Experience
* The American Flag and Flag Day


* Saving Dollars on Groceries
* Bargain Hunting Tips


* Don't Attract Burglars To Your Home
* Nutrition During Pregnancy


* Eating Adobo and Rice with a Spoon and Fork - a tutorial for my step-son-in-law:


Photo on top right taken at Bent Creek, Asheville, North Carolina

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